11 May 2023

What’s Inside The Painted Cat

Eleven (11) stories were handpicked by the transcreators for this project, and edited by Amir Muhammad. The publication of this book — my first in English — is made possible by the kindhearted social capital contributors.




A Closet of Stories (by the Editor)

What They Say (the media and my comrades) - [name list here]


1. Nayagi, The Mistress of Destiny (Nayagi)

2. New Year’s Prayer (Doa Tahun Baru)

3. An Ordinary Tail (Sebuah Cerita Biasa)

4. Strange Things (Yang Aneh-aneh)

5. Datuk Came to Siru Kambam (Datuk Datang ke Kampung Kami)

6. The Painted Cat (Cat)

7. Rebirth (Rudra Avatara)

8. A Tale of Paurnami (Cerita Paurnami)

9. Grandpa and the Moon (Jangan Pandang Sang Bulan)

10. An Epic Ride (Perang Dalam Minda)

11. The Migrant Gardener (Tukang Kebun Migran)


The Origin Story (notes on each story)

Biodata – [click here]

The Experience (interview with the transcreators)

Social Capital Contributors – [click here]


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