23 Feb 2012

The Testimonials

The Consultant

Uthaya Sankar SB lectured Bahasa Malaysia, Moral Education and Malaysian Studies in various colleges since the compulsory subjects were introduced in 1999. He provides consultancy, training, advice, discussion, editing, proof-reading, checking, formatting, correcting etc of assignments, essays and project papers according to the Malaysian Qualifications Agency format and requirement. [CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS]

The Testimonials

Normally, ex-students get testimonials from their ex-lecturers. But this time, an ex-lecturer is proud to acquire testimonials from his ex-students. Here are some; with more to come (hopefully).

Nicole Thong, Service Desk Agent:

“He NEVER fails to make an impression and the word ‘boring’ NEVER existed in his class! It’s always uplifting, informative and invigorating!”

Petrina Geraldine Elvin, HR Learning Delivery Administrator:

“He is so knowledgeable that he not only knows how to write and speak fluently in three languages, but seems to know so much about the past and the current issues of the world. He is full-spirited, dedicated and does not show favouritism or discrimination.”

Evelyn Chua, Free-lancer:

“He says it as it is. No words are minced! And he means what he says.”

Jonathan Anthouan Nathan, IT Manager:

“He taught me that there are people who speak the language, and there are people who speak the language correctly!”

Daniel Goh, Apple Product Sales Assistant:

“He keeps my brain center.”

Zhi G Teoh, Dental Surgery Student:

“He’s the one man who shows talent, hard work and discipline. As knowledgeable as he is, yet as humble and honourable at utmost distinct. Great leader, teacher, friend and parent. None can ask for more.”

Chuang Nian Tze, Music College Lecturer:

“I’m glad that he was my Malaysian Studies and Moral Education lecturer. He took learning these subjects into a whole new experience; he just spiced it up.”

Lee Chia Wei, Analyst:

“Seriously, who else could make a student turn up for Malaysian Studies class three times a week!”

Ahmad Faiz Faiza, Househusband:

“An excellent lecturer, a knowledgeable writer, an honest friend and a true Malaysian.”

Shoban Loganathan, Engineer:

“I’m proud to have been his student. Straight forward and punctuality is his benchmark.”

Neethasha, Lecturer:

“Thanks to Mr Uthaya, I enjoyed studying Malaysian culture for the first time as a student.”

“Be the change you want to see in this world.” – Mahatma Gandhi